Late Fee / Cancellation Policy

Website Updates / Maintenance Invoices
If the payment for website updates and / or maintenance is more than 15 (fifteen) calendar days past the agreed upon due date (and/or when the invoice has been sent) a late fee of $29 will be added onto the outstanding invoice.

Hosting / Smart Site Invoices
All websites that host with Department 727 (including Smart Sites) and are paying by the month must be set up as a recurring monthly payment via PayPal. Should PayPal not be able to process a monthly payment due to insufficient funds it will automatically try to reprocess the payment every 5 (five) calendar days from when the original date the payment was scheduled to process. If after 15 (fifteen) calendar days past the scheduled payment date, the payment still isn’t able to be processed a late fee of $29 will be added onto the outstanding invoice.

If hosting or Smart Sites payments are more than 30 (thirty) calendar days past due, the website will be suspended for non payment and will incur at $50 reactivation fee.