How do I use BackupBuddy to migrate a website?

To learn more BackupBuddy (including requirements, tutorials,etc…) please go HERE.

If another provider will be migrating the website to another server, please follow these instructions. We will be providing two files (a .zip and a .php file) that you can use to migrate the site:

STEP 1)​ The first step is to F​TP the two files (the .zip AND the .php file) to the root of the site.

  • D​o NOT extract the zip file, ​it should be ftp’d zipped.
  • Also there shouldn’t be anything else on the root of the site with the exception of a cgi­bin.

STEP 2) Create a new database and database user and record the information.

STEP 3) Go to http://[]/importbuddy.php

STEP 4)​ On the first screen it is going to ask for the I​mportBuddy ​password. The password will be: o​pen

STEP 5) ​From there it will guide you through the process (it’s only a few steps) and it will ask for the d​atabase name, username and password ​that was set up. Once complete, the website will be up and running on the domain.