Can all videos be used as a background to a row?

While we can place any MP4 video as a background of a row, that does not mean that all videos will work as a background of a row.  Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a video for the background of a row:

  • No words: Make sure that there are NO words anywhere on the video… since the video is being placed in the background of a row, elements will be overlapping various parts of the video potentially hiding those words.
  • No audio: Do not add any audio to the video. Background videos do not play audio and having audio in the file will increase the file size.
  • Small file size: The video file should be small.  How small? There is no law but it should be less than 3 MB but if it had to be bigger, the max would probably be 10 MB.  Let’s say that you use a 50MB video on your site and a visitor browses your site on their phones data plan, it will burn through 50 MB of their data!
  • No center of focus: The video should not have a center of focus that must be visible at all times.  Remember that everyone has different browser sizes and background videos (and images) need to expand/shrink to fill the width of the browser so you cannot ever guarantee that a certain part of the background will always be visible.