Case Study: Women’s Wellness Comprehensive Care

See how we transformed the website of this Portland, Maine women's healthcare company


How we helped

Quick access phone number

Quick access to address

Link to their Facebook page in the menu

Modern full-width design

Reorganized navigation menu

Stock photography

Link to Patient Portal at the top of every page

Website search feature on every page

Mobile friendly

Schedule an Appointment button is now highly visible

Quick access buttons for woman's health issues

Modern Makeover

Women's Wellness Comprehensive Care already had a website when the project started. That website looked old, did not include important information and was not mobile friendly.

Use the slider to see the before and after opening screen - scroll down to see the entire new homepage design.

Before After

Mobile User Interface

It's more important than ever to make sure that your website looks great on all devices.  The old WWCC design did not fit on smaller devices, however the new modern website uses responsive design and looks great on all devices, take a look:

Easy To Navigate Homepage Design

Giving visitors access to the key information they need quickly is important to keeping people on your website. This new design includes the phone number, address and "Patient Portal" button at the top of every single page . The purple buttons at the bottom are links to useful areas around their website.