Case Study: Neighborhood Stand

See how Department727 turned this dream into reality


How we helped

Live Webcam Integration

Modern logo

Unique color scheme

SSL encryption

Custom database driven application

Users can add neighborhoods

SEO friendly URL structure

Unique full screen homepage

Users can add neighborhood alerts

Interactive maps

Live WebCam Integration

A major part of this website is the ability for neighbors to see each others webcams, the system we created allows the sharing and ADDING of new webcams at anytime.

To see what it's like, here is a live feed from one of the web cams:


Modern Logo

Logos are more than just some eye candy on a website - they are the graphic representation of your brand. 

The Neighborhood Stand team wanted a unique logo that can be used in a variety of applications like web / print / shirts / posters / etc... so we came up with a circle (which typically fits everywhere) and since the site is about fighting local crime, the logo  colors are based upon the color scheme of their state police department.

Mobile User Interface

Wanting their service to be used on all devices and platforms, we created their application using responsive design soo matter your device (iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, etc...) the application works flawlessly.  Here is what it looks like:


Neighborhhood main page

Neighborhhood details

Unique Homepage Design

Instead of a long homepage with multiple sections of information, they wanted a simple full screen homepage design with buttons to the different neighborhoods to make it quick for visitors to find their neighborhood.