The Possibilities Are Endless

Here are just a few examples of how the 42Kites system can be used.

Art Galleries

Art galleries will now be able to include much more in depth info about each of their exhibits. Imagine if next to each piece on display there was a SmartLink that guests could simply tap to watch a video of the artist talking about his/her pieces, read the artist's bio and view photos of the artist's creation process. Or if the gallery has pieces such as sculptures on display, the digital experience can even include a super cool 3D model, allowing guests to view it up close (without the risk of breaking it).

Industrial Companies

Imagine a giant factory or warehouse with different types of machinery and equipment. By attaching a 42Kites device to each machine / piece of equipment these companies can expedite the process of teaching employees how to use the equipment. When the "new guy" gets hired he can go around to the different equipment and scan/tap each SmartLink to quickly access instructions, safety precautions and other important info about each machine the company uses.

Tips from experienced workers can be added at anytime, making everyone more productive.

Local Government / Tourism

Cities of all sizes have outdoor points of interest that can be enhanced with this system. Think about all the statues in your city, places where important things happened so long ago, history of old local buildings, etc. The 42Kites devices are weather resistant and can be securely attached to various outdoor points of interest within a city, providing people with more in-depth knowledge about the history (or even fun facts) about the city.

Zoos / Aquariums

Just like museums and art galleries, most zoos and aquariums use some sort of informational plaque to display information about the animals. Not only do plaques have a limited amount of space that restricts the amount of information that can be displayed, the plaques tend to be costly to create and are impossible to instantly translate into all other languages. And when an animal is no longer at that zoo, the plaque becomes useless.

With the 42Kites system, not only can zoos and aquariums include much more content (and more engaging types of content) but because the SmartLink cards are reusable, when they no longer have an animal they can easily reuse the same SmartLink card for a new animal exhibit.

Artisan Markets

Event organizers can use these devices to create an Experience for each vendor and attach the device to the vendors tent/booth. Each vendor will be able to have their own digital Experience that includes photos and interesting facts about their work, behind the scenes videos, a bio about the owner, etc. It can also include links to the vendor's website and even to their online payment system so people can make a digital payment in person.

Property Management / Airbnbs

We've lived in Airbnbs for the last few years and most of them were managed by property management companies that also manage dozens of other Airbnb rentals. Just like any home or apartment, each Airbnb has things that are unique to it like fireplaces, remote controls, unique appliances, etc.  Figuring out how everything works isn't always so easy.

There are other things that are important for guests to know as well, like what day does the trash get thrown out, where is the closest grocery store, restaurant and sightseeing recommendations... the list of things that guests need to know is long.

Most Airbnb property managers include a physical "guide" in the apartment. It's typically a thick binder filled with lots of printed paper that outlines instructions and recommendations. Every time something changes such as the trash schedule, a restaurant goes out of business, a new appliance is purchased for the apartment, etc, they have to take the time to create an updated document, print it out and replace it in the binder. It's a waste of their time. The more properties a company manages, the more time is wasted.

With the 42Kites system, property managers can create an Experience for each apartment they manage. The experience could have a video walk through of the apartment that shows guests how everything works. Property managers can also create a digital copy of their "apartment guide" and anytime they need to change something within the guide, they can remotely (and easily) update the Experience to reflect the updated information.  When a guest checks into the Airbnb, all they have to do is tap their mobile device on the SmartLink card and they will be able access all of the important information about the apartment and local area.