web consulting

We separate the meaningful from the meaningless.

Impactful. Synergy. Retargeting. Just a few examples of "corporatey" buzzwords that your clients are likely using when they try to communicate their website goals. Despite the dizzying amount of buzzwords they may throw your way, what they are really trying to say, is that they want their website to bring in more leads, more customers and more money.


A custom-tailored road map

Sometimes you know the exact plan that needs to be implemented on your client's website to generate more business. Other times you may need some guidance on the best course of action. This is where we come in.

We can help get you unstuck. Whether it's creating a compelling call-to-action, organizing and refining content so it's more digestible, improving system functions, etc., we can create a customized "road map" of solutions to help your clients get the most out of their website.

Our website design service consists of us taking your ideas (or your clients ideas) and bringing them to life on the web. We take the pieces of information that you provide for the project, such as the sitemap, page content, concept for the call-to-action, the overall messaging, etc. and we create a website that showcases all of that information in modern, well-balanced, visually interesting design.

Our website consulting service gives you the ability to rent our brains (with our decades of business and website expertise) to help create a winning plan of action. We start by understanding the end goal of the project and then we come up with unique concepts on how to get there. Whether you have us turn this plan into reality or you have someone else do it, our website consulting service will give you a detailed plan of action.

A quick guide:

  • If you don't know what pieces you need = website consulting
  • If you already have the pieces and you need a talented team to assemble them = website design

Put our knowledge to work & get better results

Our website consulting service consists of creating custom solutions for a variety of website related topics. Below are just a few examples of how we can help your clients get the most out of their website (as in more leads, more customers and more money).


Persuasive Promos

Using newsletters to get a promotional offer in front of the eyes of potential customers can be a great tool to generate more business. But even if your client's newsletter contains an amazing deal, the challenge is getting people to actually pay attention to it. Everyday inboxes get filled to the brim with companies trying to sell them something. So it's critical to create a persuasive promo that cuts through the noise.

To increase the likeliness that your client's promo will be seen, the content of the newsletter (especially the subject line) needs to be clever and entertaining. If you can create a sense of urgency too, even better!  It's also super important that it steers clear of vanilla, boring, "corporatey" language.

Are your clients complaining that their promotional efforts are falling flat?

We can help spice things up with some fresh promo ideas, write copy that's full of personality and design irresistible offers that intrigue potential customers and make them want to do business with your clients.


Call-To-Actions That Convert

Effective call-to-actions can be great money makers. They help generate leads which can then turn into customers. But one of the most common mistakes that we see clients make with their lead generation strategy is that they use a lackluster call-to-action, which ends up converting poorly.

"Sign up for the latest news" or "Sign up for the latest specials" are not compelling reasons for someone to give you their email address.

When we see these types of "call-to-actions" we recommend to clients that they offer a (valuable) free giveaway in exchange for collecting email addresses. The problem is that most of the time clients have no idea what type of information they should give away.

We can help your clients:

  • Add personality to their offer
  • Design a newsletter template to ensure branding remains consistent
  • Brainstorm call-to-action ideas that customers actually care about
  • Create the content for the free giveaway

Kick-Ass Content

Kick-ass content (a.k.a. effective content) is well organized, easy to find and full of valuable information (and it's a plus if you inject a little personality into it). No one wants to read through long paragraphs of meaningless, boring fluff. Nor does anyone have time to waste clicking around a website trying to find the information they are looking for. Website visitors want to find the the solution to their problem and they want to find it quickly. Too much content or content that's not organized in a way that makes sense, discourages readership and increases a website's overall bounce rate (as in it's losing potential customers).

When it comes to website content, less can actually be more. While it's true that Google loves content, it's also true that it doesn't love all content equally. Google prefers targeted content that provides valuable information to website visitors. A short 500 word blog post, focused around a hyper-specific topic, can easily outrank a 2000 word blog post that contains vague, generic content. To improve search engine rankings and increase organic (free) traffic, your client's website, needs to include extremely focused, problem solving content.

We can help your clients:

  • Streamline their website's navigation to help people quickly find key information
  • Make recommendations to remove unnecessary content that's not adding much value
  • Group content together in a logical manner to minimize page clicks
  • Inject more personality into their content to help keep readers engaged
  • Improve readership by making content more "digestible"
  • Increase organic traffic by providing guidance on what types of content to create for hyper-specific topics related to their industry

Amped Up Websites

Sometimes a website needs a little something extra.

Online reservation systems, payment processors and event directories, are just a few examples of the different types of advanced functionality that some websites require. Any of these pieces can be built directly into a website but (unless your client has a very specific need) integrating a 3rd party service with the website is typically the most cost-effective option.

DoorDash (online food delivery) Authorize.net (payment processing) and Talk.to (live chat) are some examples of 3rd party solutions that can be integrated into a WordPress website.

To say that there are tons of 3rd party companies offering web solutions would be a major understatement. For example, there are over 100 payment processing services that can be integrated into a WordPress site. And that's just payment processors; there are all sorts of other 3rd party services ranging from online food ordering, reservation systems, online chat services, etc.

When a clients needs one of these services, trying to figure out the right solution (and the right company), can be overwhelming for both you and your client.

We've seen it many times where a creative agency does a quick search online to find a solution, but they don't fully understand how it all works. And after spending time and money setting up the new service, it sometimes turns out the service provider is either subpar or doesn't meet the specific needs of their client's website.

After doing this for 25+ years, we have a lot of experience with 3rd party companies. Even when it comes to a 3rd party company we're not familiar with, we know the questions to ask to the learn the ins and outs of the service to determine whether or not it's a quality service and / or if it will meet the needs of your clients.

Whether it's recommendations for 3rd party companies, researching options to find the best solution for your client's needs, or even setting up the actual 3rd party accounts, we can put together the exact solution needed to amp up your client's website.


Website Discovery

Don’t let your client's competitors get the edge. Whether you have a client with a brand new business or a client with an existing website that needs to be kicked up a notch, our website discovery services can help you answer some crucial questions regarding the business strategy, target user audience and key features that should be included in your client's website.

  • Existing websites: We can analyze the current state of your client's website and help you find the areas for improvement.
  • New websites: We handle tasks such as creating the call-to-action concepts, present strategies of ways to create user engagement and more.
  • Full or Partial Plan: This can be used for just one, difficult piece you need help with or we can put together an entire plan. Sometimes you just get stuck on one little thing and that holds up the entire project. We can help get you unstuck.