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Let's Create A Digital Marketing Plan

Your competitors are using every possible advantage they have to gain market share... and you should too. Thankfully you now have a secret weapon - Department 727. We'll figure out what your competitors are doing right, create a winning digital marketing plan to beat them and implement all the pieces of that plan.

Lead Generation System

A salesperson can only work a certain number of hours a day... but your website can be a lead generating machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll plan and execute a lead generation system that includes targeted online ads, focus landing pages and signup forms to give you a constant stream of potential customers.

Email Marketing

Do you know what the big difference between email marketing and a Twitter / Facebook update is?  The visitor needs to be on Twitter or Facebook at the same time (or close to it) when you post your update. Otherwise, it will be buried in their feed by more recent updates.  But with email marketing your message is in their email inbox waiting for them see it. The difference is crucial to understand - the latest stats show that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

We'll help you build an email list of people that want your products and services that you can send messages to at anytime.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Search Engine Optimization

Sure, you can pay for ads... but wouldn't it be nice if Google sent tons of website traffic your way for free?  Making sure that Google loves your website is what's called Search Engine Optimization. There are lots of different tactics such as image ALT tags, page slugs, a steady stream of unique content, inbound links and more.  We can implement a unique SEO strategy that is just right for your website.

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