How do I point a domain name to Department727 servers

The instructions below outline how to point a domain to a Department727 server. It should be noted that the screenshots below are from GoDaddy. Depending on the domain registrar the domain that you will be pointing is registered in, the interface may differ slightly. However, the instructions below should be applicable for most domain registrars.

IMPORTANT: Before pointing a domain, it is important to know if your client has existing email accounts @theirdomain. If they do, it is important to verify that the MX Records (email records) have already been set up in the Advanced DNS settings for their domain. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will let you know how to proceed.

Getting Started

  • We will send you the IP Address of the server. This will consist of a series of numbers. Here is an example of an IP Address: 12.345.678.90
  • Login to the domain name registrar (GoDaddy, NetSol, etc.) Once you’re logged in and click on the domain that you want to point.
  • After you click on the domain you should see a link called Manage DNS. See example below.Note: it might be worded a little differently depending on the domain registrar).
  • Click on the Manage DNS link which will take you to the section where you can manage the Advanced DNS records.  On this screen you will see a table that consists of rows of DNS records.  Within each row there are columns that are typically labeled with headings such as Type, Name, Data and TTL.
  • You want to find the row for the A Record as this is where you will be entering the IP Address that we provided to you.  The row for the A Record can be found by looking at the column heading called Type and then look for cell that contains the letter “A” in it.  That row will contain the settings for the A Record.

Note: Typically, the A Record is in the first row of the DNS Records (but on occasion can be further down in the table).

IMPORTANT: On occasion a domain does not have an existing A Record. In this scenario, you will need to create the entire A Record. If it turns out that the DNS does not already contain an A Record, skip down to the section called How To Create An A Record.

  • Assuming the DNS does have an existing A Record, the next step is to Edit the A Record. Click on the Edit button (as indicated in the screenshot below).
  • Then delete what is in the Value field and replace it with the IP Address that we sent to you. To prevent any typos, it’s highly recommend to copy and paste the IP Address in the Value field. Once you have entered the IP Address, click on the Save button to save your changes.

How To Create An A Record

If it turns out that the domain doesn’t have an existing A Record. You should see a button or a text link that says “Add” or Add Record.” By clicking on that button a dialog box will appear, giving you options to create new DNS record. See screenshot:

Here are the steps on how to create the A Record:

  • In the Type field select A (this is short for A Record).
  • In the Name field, type @.
  • In the Value field enter the IP Address that we sent you (it’s best to copy and paste this info into the Value field.)
  • Leave TTL set to Default (if that’s not an option, select 1/2 Hour or something similar).
  • Once you’ve completed creating the A Record, click the Add record (or Save button)

The end result should look something like this:

You are done!

Once you have edited or created the A Record, now the changes need time to propagate. The amount of time this takes can vary between domain registrars. Some domain name registrars recognize domain changes quickly, some take an hour or two and in some cases it can take up to 24 hours.

However, as soon as you have completed the above steps, send us an email letting us know and we’ll take over from here.